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Vegan Gizdodo, with Jollof Rice by Varo

To mark #Veganuary, we thought we'd try something special yet familiar - Vegan Gizdodo! Out went the gizzard and in came the jackfruit. Served wit...

Turkey-Coconut Curry, with Jollof Rice by Varo

This winter-warmer recipe is perfect for overcoming that Christmas Day hangover. With simple but fresh ingredients, we'll have you refuelled and b...

Varo Jollof Rice “The Traditional Way” - with Peppered Chicken and Fried Plantain!

How to serve Jollof Rice the ‘Traditional Way’ in Just 10-15mins (only possible with our Varo jollof rice, of course).

Vegan Chilli Con-carne, with Varo Jollof Rice

Ingredients 1 pack Varo Jollof Rice Original 400g Frozen Soy Mince 250ml Vegetable stock 100g Dried lentils 400g Canned red kidney beans 3 Tomatoe...