Celebrate Jollof Rice!

At Varo, we bring you flavor and convenience, all at an affordable price. With just 2 minutes in a microwave, or 4 minutes on the stove, you can enjoy the taste of Africa without needing to spend hours in the kitchen.

Jollof rice is one of West Africa’s most famous dishes, known for its incredibly rich, smoky taste and delicious spice. No matter its recipe, which can differ from region to region (or even home to home!), you are always likely to find it on the menu. Wanting to share our passion for this amazing dish, we have taken Nigerian jollof rice, with its signature colour and taste, and made it easier than ever to prepare and experience!

We know that life can easily become very busy, making it harder to find the time and space to cook ourselves the meals we deserve. To ensure that no meal needs to go without amazing taste, we created our own jollof rice packets that simplify and speed up the cooking process without compromising any of the authentic quality and flavours. Our microwave rice packets allow you to cook traditional Nigerian rice in only two minutes, making it the perfect stress-free dish for any day, whether you want to liven up your workplace lunch or you simply need great food to fit your schedule.

We see your hustle and our jollof rice is here to make sure your meals are always exciting and delicious!

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You're busier than ever before

Don’t worry, Varo Jollof Rice has you covered!

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