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About Us

Varo was founded in 2011 by British-Nigerian husband and wife team Omamo and Elizabeth Binitie.  As a pioneering food and drinks company in the UK, we are on a vibrant mission to "spread the love for Nigerian Cuisine to the UK and the rest of the world". Our flagship offering, an innovative and authentic range of microwaveable Jollof Rice complemented by Jollof Hot sauces, stands as a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence and innovation.

We  believe in celebrating the legacy of traditional recipes whilst embracing the conveniences of modern life. This ethos has led us to create the *world's first* delicious and authentic microwaveable Jollof Rice, ready in just 2 minutes.  Our products not only cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of our consumers, but also ensure that the essence and authenticity of Nigerian flavours are preserved and enjoyed in every bite.

Our first product was Varo Moinmoin (ready-to-eat in 3 mins) in 2013, quickly followed by Varo Jollof Rice in 2014. Our range were first listed in Tesco, then Asda in July 2016. We're always working on new products, as *innovation* is what we do.

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