Varo Jollof Rice w peppered chicken and fried plantain

Jollof Rice is probably the most famous dish in West Africa and everyone knows it has its roots in Nigeria circa 450 AD 😊 It is present for every celebration from weddings to birthdays and even the smallest get-togethers.

To continue our “Come Home” Series for Varo Jollof Rice, we’d like to show you how to serve Jollof Rice the ‘Traditional Way’ in Just 10-15mins (only possible with our Varo jollof rice, of course).  

What you’ll need

1 250g pack of Varo Jollof Rice (Original) 

2 Chicken Breast Fillets

60 ml Sunflower Oil for the chicken and

250ml for the plantain

¼ tsp Smoked Paprika

¼ tsp Sea Salt

1 tsp Juice of Lemon

¼ tsp Black Pepper

¼ tsp Chilli Pepper

1 ripe Plantain (yellow)

Handful of lettuce leaves


How to Make: 

Using a sharp kitchen knife, prepare chicken fillets by cutting across horizontally, to allow easy absorption of seasoning (and eventually heat from frying). 

Varo Jollof - Slice Chicken

Season with paprika, salt, black pepper, lemon juice and chilli pepper.
Cover and leave to marinade, while you prepare the plantain. 

Varo Jollof -Marinade Chicken

Slice the plantain, then shallow-fry in preheated oil until golden. 

Varo Jollof - Slice Plantain

Varo Jollof - Fry Plantain

Remove fried plantain to a bowl lined with kitchen paper to drain. Season with sea salt and shake.

Preheat a fresh pan with 60ml sunflower oil and shallow-fry marinated chicken until cooked.

Varo Jollof - Fry Chicken

Pierce to make sure juices run clear – no blood! 

Varo Jollof - Slicing Chicken

To heat Varo Jollof Rice - tear open top corner of pouch slightly and squeeze gently to separate the rice. Microwave for 2 minutes (700w). 

Varo Jollof - Serve

Serve with peppered chicken, fried plantain and lettuce.
Enjoy the delicious and unique taste of Varo Jollof Rice with peppered chicken and fried plantain!

      Written by Omamo Binitie

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