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Sep 11, 2021

MEATBALLS and Jollof Rice

  Great quality beef can go a long way and, when making our meatball recipe, it not only retains its own delicious f...

Aug 31, 2021

Jollof Rice with PEANUT STEW

Peanut stew, cooked and served with juicy chicken thighs is a high-protein dish that delivers an amazing taste. The ...

Dec 25, 2020

Turkey and Coconut Curry Served with Varofoods Jollof Rice

This winter-warmer recipe is perfect for overcoming that Christmas Day hangover. With simple but fresh ingredients, ...

Feb 20, 2019

Traditional Jollof Rice with Peppered Chicken and Fried Plantain!

How to serve Jollof Rice the ‘Traditional Way’ in Just 10-15mins (only possible with our Varo jollof rice, of course).

Feb 21, 2018

Surf ‘n’ Turf Recipe Served With Authentic Jollof Rice

So, I sent my good friend Chef Scott a couple of cases of Jollof Rice. Scott is a talented young chef, based in sunny Durban, South Africa. He got a few friends round and whipped up and impressive Jollof feast!
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